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Cycling Central America

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Cycling Central America

Hey everyone! I'm a new member to the group and I was hoping to get some information from all of you experienced world cyclists. A friend and I are planning to cycle from Belize to Panama via Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We are unsure of which route to take. We have heard a few stories of cyclists being robbed or kidnapped so we are trying to plan a route that is both safe and fun. If any of you have done a similar tour or just have any information that could help, I would greatly appreciate it.


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I was this year in Costa Rica

I was this year in Costa Rica & Panam

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cycling central america

hi there Im going cycling in central america in december, on my own. for those that have done it already, do you think cycling alone will pose many risks? thanks

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I see from news big problems in Honduras
The rest is ok beware of thieves they are quick
Don't go to bars without gringo friend pref. male
San Cristobal n Chiapas is great place to rest up, lotsa Che's there now

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Robbers targeting cyclists near Nicaragua-Costa Rica border!

The 21.08.2014 we entered from Costa Rica to Nicaragua at Penas Blancas and we were heading to Rivas. Exactly on the km 22, on the small bridge run at us 3 guys with machetes. It was at 17:15 pm, a bit late but still in the full daylight. There were 5 vehicles passing by. Nobody stopped even though they saw what is going on. They tried to pull us don the bridge. They wanted to take off all our panniers but my boyfriend was fighting with one guy. I managed to liberate me and run on the road to ask for help. Finally 1 car stopped and the bandits run into the bush with our cameras, my passport, credit card - among most important stuff. After it happened, I started to investigate, and I found out that we are not the first cyclists being robbed on this road. The police was lying to us that they have never heard of cyclists being robbed! That was enough for me! We decided to stop this bandits for good. We told them that we have time and that we will stay even few months (which is not true) to make sure they will investigate properly the case. We went to all radio stations, news papers and we showed up in the national news. The result was, that all this media started to harass the police, asking about our case. We were also every day at the police station. In the result, the intelligence (secret police) got involved. After 6 days they stopped 2 out of 3 bandits. We recognized them through the special mirror and tomorrow we are going to the court, where we will meet the bad guys, to put the final accusation.
All this took 9 days. We will not recover our staff but at least we managed to contribute to the safety of other cycling fellows. 2 bandits on the way less. I hope that they were those who were robbing also the other cyclists and that this will never happen in this place again!

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