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Cycling in Guatemala - Beta?

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Cycling in Guatemala - Beta?

Hi I'm planning a trip to Guatemala this January 2013 and I'm looking for some info from other riders who have visited this magical country. More specifically I'm looking to get an idea of road quality in the northwest region, what type of tires gearing I should prepare for.

-thanks all!

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Biking in Guatemala

Hi - a friend sent me a link to your post. I am new to Warm Showers and my wife and I are leaving next Monday, December 3 for 3 weeks in Guatemala and we will be doing a couple of bike oriented (Cyclo-Centric!) activities and we will be sure to update you on our experience.

First, we will be headed to Antigua and then to Maya Pedal for a few days of volunteering. We will try to stay at a couple of the Warm Showers folks' places although have sent two emails and have yet to hear back from either so...yeah. We have a contact who works at Maya Pedal and she and her boyfriend will be going with us a bit but basically we will be on a self guided tour of the NW area and possibly the Central Highlands with an intention to get to Semuc Champey if possible. We'll splurge for a 2 day trip to Tikal and then from the 17th to the 24th are going on a Tour with Sacred Rides. I wish we would do the Sacred Ride part first and then the self guided part last but that's the way our schedule worked out.

Also, I have read a most of the posts on - Randy and Nancy have been helpful.

We are bringing our primary MTB's with typical XC tires because we will hit a fair amount of single track along the way. Hopefully the pavement will be kind to our rubber.


John Marno

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Thanks Guys, Randy, your

Thanks Guys,

Randy, your posts on have been especially helpful.
John and Lisa I'll be headed down there around New Year's perhaps we'll be able to meet up on the road!


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