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Cycling on the Interstates in AZ, USA

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Cycling on the Interstates in AZ, USA


I have found out that several stretches of the interstates in AZ, NM and CA allow bicycles on them. Does anyone know any website that gives specific information on this. I am looking to do a stretch from Gila Bend (AZ) to around Yuma (AZ) and would like to confirm if this is legal.


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Many US Interstates are open to cyclists

Almost everywhere in the US the interstate is open to cyclists if there is no other reasonable route and where there aren't a lot of onramps. So for vast stretches in the West, nobody will complain. Near and inside cities bikes are often prohibited, as they should be for safety reasons.

Interstate riding is often safer than many other roads because of the wide shoulder. However, as you know, it's enormously annoying and not too interesting.

Calling the State Police in any state would probably be the best way to get a solid answer, or contacting Adventure Cycling, which has information on so many details like this.

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Cycling is allowed for stretches


Just wanted to share that I did cycle on 2 Interstates (I-10 and I-8) on which it was legal (there were signs stating that cyclist were allowed, but only on the shoulder (for obvious reasons)).

So guess some parts were rather stale and having to see a constant flow of traffic also is not really a pleasant biking experience, but this is still a possible option for cycling on.

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Riding on I-8: Gila Bend to Yuma, AZ

There are Arizona Interstate routes that prohibit bike riding (primarily Phoenix/Tucson urban areas), but I am quite sure that you can legally ride the Gila Bend-to-Yuma leg. The following link provides map and "contact us" links for the Arizona Department of Transportation Cycling group.

ADOT site:

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Thanks for the replies and link


I have taken a look at the link and the cycling map suggests that I-8 is usable (hence the placing of rest-stops along that route).

And I dont really want to cycle on the interstate just that for that stretch, there are no paved roads to travel Westwards that far south, so will just do that stretch.

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I-8 Arizona rest stops


ADOT has closed several of the state's rest stops due to budget cuts. Best to verify which ones are open. There are not too many sources of water between Gila Bend and Yuma ... or between I-8/I-10 interchange and Gila Bend (other than the gas station at exit 151). Fortunately the weather is cool, so your water consumption will not be that great.

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You will be fine legally on the interstate. However, if you have not ridden on the interstate please know that it is noisey and a real challenge to your concentration and serenity. Lots of semi-trucks (with the accompanying noise and draft gusts) and almost continuous high speed vehicle traffic of all kinds. You are right about the lack of paved roads efficiently going west. If you use Google maps you can find some sections however, where you can be off the interstate and paralles on paved roads for some sections. However, you will find these roads lacking in shoulder width.

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I-8 in Southern CA

I-8 is CLOSED to cyclists WEST of Yuma. Haven't determined exactly where the closure starts and stops, but it is not possible to get to Yuma from El Centro on the I-8!

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Yes you can

I wanted to add to this as this old post helped me out recently. You are TOTALLY allowed to ride I-8 from Gila Bend to Yuma, AZ - west of there is California and it strictly prohibits bicycles and pedestrians. The frontage roads are horrible and difficult to find.

But yes, in AZ you can, in CA you cannot.