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Cycling safety in Brazil

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Cycling safety in Brazil

We're planning a trip through Uruguay and Brazil. The route on the map is the part we should really cycle Brazil. We'll be transferring from Uruguay to Rio by bus.
After reading a few blogs, we're starting to worry about safety issues on Brazilian roads.
Is it really that bad or are secondary roads OK for cycling? Should we skip Brazil altogether?



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I've been never in South Americas. Maybe You find some more people with experiences there:

Take care, good time there.

Regards Sebastian

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security in brasil

in towns, you better sleep in hotel, ask in the street a cheap one.
in the land, you can camp where you want, but better ask to gazoline station, farmer, school, priest, firemens, and all oficial people, they would accept, and it will be safer, and no problem with insects.
i did the south and the coast of brasil, but the diary is all in portuguese, look in my site

tag brasil

have a nice trip Pierre

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