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Cycling in Swiss for a week

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Cycling in Swiss for a week


I'm an Indian currently residing in South Germany(near Heidelberg) for a while. I wish to ride through the scenic landscape of Switzerland in July/August. I was goggling some routes that would fit a ride for a week(8~9 days). I found this interesting,
Route 4 - Alpine Panorama Route -

This route quite seems to fit the bill but I wish to know your thoughts. Is there anyone would has done this and let me know if this is good enough to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the country on a bike. Does this route have a good mixture of rides by the rivers, lakes, valleys, loops, views of the mountains/glaciers etc. Also, are there any changes I could do the the plan to make the trip more breathtaking in term of scenery?

If there are better routes, please do suggest.

I have a ok road bike(700x28c wheels) and have done quite some biking in the hills of South India (Western Ghats) and a ride in the north eastern Indian Himalayas(Lahaul and Spiti Valley).

Tarun Shetty.

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Hi, I'm sorry you didn't get

Hi, I'm sorry you didn't get any answer. I was touring myself... So are you still looking for information? Or if you're back already, how did you like cycling in Switzerland?

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Hi Tarun Once again, sorry

Hi Tarun

Once again, sorry for the late answer. I was touring too and I wasn't active on the forum. Where are you now?

I think this route is a very good option. You'll be near the mountains and sometime riding over some tops :-)

Some hints if it's not to late:

- try to have a look between Lausanne and Montreux, I personaly find it's one of the must beautiful scenery in Switzerland, the lake with the mountains behind. It's not far away your route.
- You can make it easier riding both of the Thunersee and Brienzersee instead of behind the mountains.
- You will/have ride not so far from me (not far from Rapperswil), just ask if you need some helps or other hints.



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