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cycling in the U.S.west coast on winter

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cycling in the U.S.west coast on winter


We are a couple from brazil travelling around Europe by bike.

Next month we will arrive in Istambul and we are planning to continue our trip.. We want to go to seattle and them to brazil..

Whats the weather condition to ride from Seatlle to california between november and february..

Is it too cold? And about the roads? The people is friendly?

Thanks a lot

camilo and Renata

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pacific coast in the winter months

The weather from Nov to Feb is usally very rainy and not too cold. You will experience 40 deg F nights and approx 60 deg F days. Oregon and California have hiker/biker sites (group campsites) at most state parks. Contact the Oregon department of transportation for a Oregon Coast bicycle map. Just google "oregon coast bicycle map" and something should come up. Good luck and tailwinds always. peace.


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it's a great trip. WOW.

Maybe You can find some information here from other cyclers:

Try it and tell me about, please.

Regards Sebastian

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Winter weather on the West Coast of the US

I live in the San Francisco area and have ridden this route a couple of times. The general summary of what you will experience is as follows:

The area receives regular storms from the Pacific beginning in December. These consist of two or three days of rain followed by a few clear days.
There can be significant on shore winds along the coast.
It is wetter in the north and drier in the south. (For example, it can rain regularly and heavily in the Seattle but rarely in Los Angeles.)
Temperatures are cool, again with the coldest in the North and warmest in the south. (For example, San Francisco's low temp will be around 5 C and high of 10 C in this period.)
There can be snow in Seattle but I you will not experience snow in California on the coast. I'm not sure where the "snow line" stops in Oregon.
Actually from Santa Barbara south the weather is generally pleasant that time of year, better than the summer IMHO.

Be prepared for many wet days with plenty of sunshine in between. The wind can be very strong.

Travel safely.

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Hi, We can't help you, but


We can't help you, but you might be able to help us!
We're travelling with 2 tandems and 3 kids to Urugay, then mostly Brazil (Iguaçu, Curitiba, Rio, Salvador,...). Probably up to French Guyana & Suriname. Probably ending with the Caribbean & finishing with the US West-Coast.

Any tips for Brazil are very welcome!

Starting our trip in January 2013

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I would say that the entire

I would say that the entire area from Carmel, California south to Santa Barbara, California would be ideal in winter. You might want to time it with the weather, but there will be big chunks of sunny weather. Also, I see lots of warmshowers members in that area...

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winter in the Northwest.

I rode the P. coast in November from north to south and it was pretty much cold and drizzle for days on end. It did clear up a little bit when we hit the CA. border out of OR. but it didn't start to warm up until San Fran. But...
it was still a great time of the year to be there. The views are great no matter what time of year you travel the coast, (ive done it in the summer also) there are no bugs and very little traffic. There are some closed Camp grounds, but the ones that were open were very glad to see me and even gave me deals on other camping options. Its the same with Hotels and Motels along the way.
Anyway, be safe, have fun, look at EVERYTHING!

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