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Cyclist who need mechanical assistance

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Cyclist who need mechanical assistance

This came up yesterday with some visiting cyclists. What would be useful would be to filter hosts who can help or give advice with mechanical issues. Sometimes a touring cyclist needs guidance as to what shop would be able to help them out, given their situation. And those to avoid.
Story below.

They had a problem with clicking in their rear rim (joint) and decided to get it replaced, rather than run the risk of it self destructing. It was a 40 spoke (tandem) and they could not get it sourced in Kingston ON. After a bunch of scurrying around they found one in Ottawa. Rented a car and drove up, only to find out that promises to rebuilt the wheel were empty (store not to be named but I'm not surprised. I wouldn't have sent them there, had I known). They ended up buying a truing stand at MEC. and rebuilt it themselves. In hindsight they could have contacted me but that didn't occur to them at the time.

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I agree. I worked as a bike

I agree.

I worked as a bike mechanic for nearly a decade, and know plenty of good options (as well as those to stay away from). While I'd be confident in my own knowledge when I tour, I recognize many do not have my experience, and would need an informed local to help them out.

Recently I helped a visiting tourist get new rack mounting brackets welded at a friends fabrication business. The load the tourist was carrying was too much for the standard parts kit at most bike shops, so I am glad I could connect him with a place that could do the work.

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Sponsored services

Perhaps as this develops, it could be extended to include "sponsored services". Essentially hyper-local service business directory who are touring cyclist friendly. Not sure how the vetting process could work but I'm thinking that if done in a good way could be a win-win for the WSL (sponsorship revenue potential) and the touring cyclists (vetted businesses that gain reputation).

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