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Documentary movie about inspiring cyclists

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Documentary movie about inspiring cyclists

Hi guys,

My name is Milan Lisica and I am cyclist, journalist and documentary filmmaker from Serbia.

I currently live in Portugal and in mid June I am planning to go on a bike trip from Portugal to Serbia. For a long time I have an idea to make a documentary about people who are passionate about cycling and who have done something on what they are proud of. This summer I am planning to do it. I am looking for inspiring cyclists in each country that I am will pass through (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia). I already found some really amazing people. Basically, it would be one cyclist or couple per country.

The headline of the documentary will most likely be "What is your way".

It will be about people who decided to do something uncommon, something inspiring, something to be proud of… I am looking for people who are into biking with various stories and reasons, doesn't need to be someone who has traveled around the world or some continent, it can be someone who goes on work by bike, but who has some bike story.

The documentary I am planning will be in co-production with one TV network in Serbia, and I am planning to send it on few documentary festivals.

I would be more than grate full if you know someone, or if you have an extraordinary story that you would like to share, to let me know. In the documentary I will use video and photo material of cyclists which will illustrate the story and make it even more powerful.

At the moment I am working on a storyline. Also, I am making a short trailer about the documentary which I am planing to send to few funding organisations, so it would be great if you can let me know in some recent period.

Thank you very much in advance and one hope to see some of you on my way :)

Milan Lisica
[email protected]