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easy jet : bike on board and extra luggages fares

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easy jet : bike on board and extra luggages fares

hi every one
we have two corean bikers at home. we are checking for them a plane ticket from barcelona to belfast on easy jet, a european low cost company. it is ok to register 2 bikes for 30 euros each as "sport equipment". we understand that there is a right to 50kg of extra luggage with it. i have never taken this company with a bike so i'm not sure that the paniers are a part of "sport equipment" as the total weight of their bike+ortliebs are less than 50kg or if they have to pay for another extra luggage ?
we know that boarding officers can be very painfull when you are checking and ask for extra fares if you don't have the regular reservation... if anyone try them with bike and luggage thanks for true life informations!
kati from paris

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Hi Go to their website &


Go to their website & either phone them up or go on their 'Live Chat' option to find out the information. I've used both before & found the staff to be knowledgeable.


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easy jet


Nous avons pris cet compagnie l'année dernière dans des conditions similaires et j'ai réalisé un blog pour répondre à ces questions,en résumé par personne:
- 1 vélo
- 1 bagage de 25 kg en un colis
- 1 bagage de cabine de 10 kg qui doit rentrer dans le gabarit à l'embarquement

A l'embarquement ils vont demande de dégonfler les pneus, faire semblant en dégonflant légèrement.

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From what I know, only your

From what I know, only your bike will be 'sports equipment' and there is a charge for this. I can not remember how much. You probably know that the bike will need to be packed in a bike box and don't forget to wrap up the delicate parts. You can take a small 10 kg bag on as hand luggage and a total weight of 25 kg as hold luggage. I THINK you can pay even more to have extra luggage on the website, when you book your ticket. However, it is not really cheap after all these charges!

Have your guests considered cycling to France, getting the ferry to England, then cycle across England to Wales and get the ferry to Ireland (Dublin), then cycle up north towards the Antrim coast (Lovely) via Belfast. I am Irish and I would say avoid the cities and go to the countryside. Northern Ireland is great but don't forget your waterproofs!

Good luck!

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Hi there,
we've flown with many companies, also easyjet.
Besides the bike as sports equipment you can't take any 'other' sports equipment beside your normal one piece of equipment. We usually box the bikes and put empty paniers and all small bike parts like tubes, pump, repairstuff inside the bikebox. Those things need to be taped to your bike so they won't drop out in case the box tears. As long as the box doesn't become excessively heavy, and all those things are part of the bike equipment that's fine (under 23 kg total for the box). You can also buy a duffel bag and fit all those paniers in together so they are one piece. Free bike boxes are usually available at good bikeshops. They also sell them for about 20 dollars at airports, they are usually a lot bigger than the shop ones, which makes the breaking down part easier. You would have to call easyjet to see if they have a box. I just flew last week (another airline) and it struck me how it all really depends on the ground personell that day. For example, this was the first time in over 20 flights with a bike they told me I should have given them advance notice of my bike.
All the best.

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