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El Bruc to Oliana - Catalunya Spain

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El Bruc to Oliana - Catalunya Spain

This is my first bike tour and after mentioning on a climbing forum that I was biking from climbing spot to climbing spot in Spain at the moment I was pointed in the direction of this website. I thought it may be a great place to ask - for my first portion of my trip I will go from El Bruc to Oliana in Catalunya Spain.

At the moment I'm in El Bruc, at a friends house getting ready to leave in a few days. I need to get a map, but not sure where I should find one? Most likely a gas station but maybe there are better choices elsewhere? I also would love to hear if anyone has their own favorite routes to pass must see things on the way or to avoid exhausting unneeded hills?

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some good option

the web side
on the right up conner is the layer option, chose cylemap.
if you are around catalunya i can give good advice
good luck

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Thanks for the link! I am now

Thanks for the link! I am now In the French pyrenees... I miss being able to speak with people (I know some Spanish and no French) so I may come back to Spain though :)

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