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Energy Bars in Japan

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Energy Bars in Japan

I'm starting a 7-week cycling trip the length of Japan in a few weeks and am looking for some brand suggestions for energy bars I can purchase at the local convenience stores. In the US I normally use Cliff Bars - not sweet, lots of carbohydrates, good source of protein and sodium - and they taste good.

Any ideas for bars I can find in Japan?

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Energy bars in japan

Usually 'soy joy' is the only choice in convenience stores. I found a few different brands in pharmacies and sporting good stores.
I actually just started packing rice balls (onigiri), a filled sushi rice triangle wrapped in nori, available everywhere.

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Energy Bars in Japan

Hi -- I visited Japan for a month about 5 years ago -- maybe 4?? anyway, all the 7-11 convenience stores had lots of good food -- really! The best energy bar in Japan is rice balls -- they come in a few different flavors and shapes -- they are inexpensive -- as Japan goes -- and taste great -- a bit salty but you need it there -- hope that helps. Have a great time!

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