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Free weblogs for Bike travellers

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Free weblogs for Bike travellers

Hi all fellow cyclists,

It is great to see the route info and tips here. I have discovered very nice and informational websites. We are going on our Trans America (Alaska- Argentina) this summer ourselves and all info is welcome.

I have started a new website to document our trip, but also to gather all these loose bits of info from others. Not just for ourselves, but also to show others that they should get our of their car and onto a bike, the best way to travel of course :)

Therefore every cyclist can open a free weblog at (though it works with one 'l' as well :)
You can choose your own name (your blog's address/URl will be, can change the layout/look with just a few clicks etc.
There are no annoying pop-ups or tripod/Lycos sidebars etc. This way you do not need to get webhosting, do not have to pay for that each month and do not have to install any software, as I will maintain it.

I am still adding functionality, but one thing is the 'tagging' system: when you tag (mark) a post with 'mexico', then it can be easliy found from the tags overview: somebody can just click teh tag and will see all posts from all different blogs that were tagged 'mexico'.

I am hoping to create a huge collection of real stories and inspirational adventures this way, so please sign up and start your weblog :)