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Good bike shop in Malaga Spain

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Good bike shop in Malaga Spain

Hello all!
I am beginning a solo bike tour along the Mediterranean February 6th in Malaga Spain. I will be flying in from the states with my
Bike all in pieces and am looking for a good shop to help me put my trusty steed back together again and give her a good tune up. I have heard from other linguistically challenged Americans that finding a (good) (touring) bike shop in Europe and Spain in particular can be difficult, as they tend to be tucked away in back alleys and not listed online.
Any tips would be helpful!

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good bike shop in malaga


there are these 2, at least

Calle Compositor Lehmberg Ruiz, 32, 29007 Málaga, España
+34 952 60 90 62 ‎ ·

Trek Bicycle Store | Málaga
Plaza Cruz Humilladero, 1, 29006 Málaga, España
+34 952 34 61 16 ‎ ·

have a good trip


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Hi, I would recommend you to

Hi, I would recommend you to go to Recyclo Bike Shop ( The owners are American and English and very kind.

In my opinion, they have more experience on biketouring that other shops, so they will be able to get you going.

Good luck,

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Thanks for the tips! I think

Thanks for the tips! I think I will try at Recyclo bikes.

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Let me ask you something. I

Let me ask you something. I am planning a bike trip in the US, but shipping the bike seems difficult and, particularly, very expensive. How are you bringing the bike and which company are you flying with?


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Bike shipping

I am currently dealing with this same problem. As far as I can see, there are about 3 good options, all of which are going to cost you about $300 at first...
1) get a soft bike case which can be checked as part of your luggage with no additional fees (if you dont tell them its a bike). this one: has come very highly recommended from several sources. Obviously this can be reused, but you have to figure out somewhere to store it while you are on tour. I am hoping (maybe?!) that I can find someone on warmshowers to hold it for me (anyone live in athens?!!) My boyfriend plans to get one, ship it to the end of the route, and hope the post office will hold it for him.
2) Pack your bike in a cardboard box (places in the US do this for ~$40) and submit to exorbitant airline fees - I'm flying KLM and its $150 each way!
3) Check here: . In my case shipping the bike was more expensive than flying with it though, and you still have to pay to get it packed.
Various other people online have done everything from stowing their bike in a garment bag to simply rolling it into an unpadded plastic bag. They are also most likely insane or hate their bikes though.

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Bike Shipping

The clear plastic Bike Bag theory goes like this you protect your bike at all vulnerable points then pop it into a clear plasic bag with Gaffer tape or any strong adhesive tape this is then passed on to the baggage handlers who if they have any sense can see it's a bike and treat it with more caution and do not just throw it on to the truck or plane at the other end you assemble your bike fold up the plastic envelope put it onto your rack, it weighs 250gms, then ride into the sunset untill you need it again, simples.

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Thanks. I did not know about

Thanks. I did not know about that suitcase.It seems something to consider because the other alternatives are so bad.

Good luck for you.

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packing the bike for plane

i take off wheels, pedals, turns the handle and the desrqilor, then i pack the bike in a tarp, protectng all the frail parts with carton.

in some companies i have to pay a special price for the bike, about 70e, others accept 2 luggages, so one for the luggage and one for the bike, more the cabin luggage. i bring 17kg luggage so it is enough.

good trip

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