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Greece to Poland and onwards...

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Greece to Poland and onwards...

Hello all cyclists and hosts...
I am planning to leave Athens, Greece around May 25th and head northwards with first stop in Bielsko-Biawa, Poland, where i plan to stay for a week or so.
After that depending on the info i will be getting along the way i can either go north or west or east !!! i really have no plans and no time-limits.

This is my first trans-country bike-touring and i can certainly use all kinds of info i can get.
First of all, can i visit any European country with a Greek passport these days? Would a USA passport be better or useful to carry along?
Second, what would be the best bike-route to Bielsko-Biawa; through FYROM, Serbia etc or through Bulgaria, Romania etc? This may be simple questions but for a beginner they are essential !

I will appreciate any info/advises you all can send me.
And of course, if any one is going along the same way i'd certainly like to cycle together!

Happy and safe cycling to all.
Thank you,

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passport + pass

The Passport

With a Greek Passport you can stay in any country of the schengen area as long as you want.

Going through non schengen countries:
in some countries you need a visa (a USA passport will need a visa too)
in some countries you don't need a visa but you are allowed to stay for a limited time.

The Path

Riding on Eurovelo routes could be a good choice.
Eurovelo 11 takes you from Athens to Poland !
to pass by the Balkans, you would take Eurovelo 8 then 9.
Sea or Hills? :)

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