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How do I provide feedback about a host or guest?

The entire Warmshowers community depends on your feedback about other members. We operate on trust, and it's easier to trust someone if you can see what others have said about them.

To provide feedback about a member, visit their profile page (use the "search by name or email" or other capabilities to find them.) Then click the "Provide Feedback" button on the right side of their profile page. (image)

Although most feedback is really just thank-you letters, there are times when feedback is (and should be) neutral or negative. If a guest might be a problem for other hosts or other members might not think a host was appropriate, please go ahead and say this. Feedback of this type is important to the community.

Neutral or negative feedback should be factual, concise, and deal with your actual experience, not your feelings or judgments about the other party. 

We do not allow retaliatory or tit-for-tat feedback. Please use the contact form to let us know if you experience this kind of feedback and we'll remove or moderate it.