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How to use the map

The map interface is easy to use once you know all the things you can do with it.

  • Click anywhere on the map and drag it around to change locations.
  • Use the control panel on the left to do several things, including zooming in and out and as another way to move left or right on the map.
  • Click on a marker to get a summary of a host's information
  • Double-click anywhere on the map to center the map at that point. You can then zoom in based on the center point you selected.
  • You can do all these things even while the markers are loading.

It's fun to just move around the map and see where hosts are. You can zoom out and see all of Europe or Australia, for example.

A cyclist looking for potential hosts might drag the map to a particular area of interest and then zoom in to the right level to see where the hosts might be. Zooming in on a particular host can often show the exact location of the host. The geographic information for many hosts in the U.S. and Canada is exact.