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How will my information be used? (privacy)

 We believe that you have the right to control all of the information and content that you share, post and submit on the site.

  • We do not disclose your information in any way to any third party, for advertising or any other purpose.
  • Only members are able to view information about you that you post on your profile, including address or telephone details that you choose to include. 
  • Only members are able to contact you through the "Send Message" button and the site's private messaging facility
  • Your email address will not be disclosed to any member or third party unless you choose to disclose it, with perhaps an emergency exception as discussed in the Privacy Policy.
  • Postings that you make in the forums are visible to anyone on the internet.
  • Any posting on the site may be deleted by you at any time, or you can request that we delete it.

Please read our full Privacy Policy.