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Indian visa in UAE (Dubai)

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Indian visa in UAE (Dubai)

Hi I was wondering if anyone has experience with applying for the Indian visa in Dubai (UAE), currently in Tehran and was only offered a one month visa for India. I asked for a longer one but they told me I had to go back to Ireland (home Country) if I wanted one. I tried to explain that one month was not long enough as I wanted to cycle but no luck.

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Why do these countries make

Why do these people make it so difficult? We are spending money in their countries...

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Indian visa...

Hi friends...
I am also interested in all these since if i get a visa for Iran i will be biking that way too...
So, i just want to be receiving updates to this forum...
Thank you all who will posting their experiences...

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Indian visa

I ended up getting the visa (3 months) in Bandar Abbas for around 40Euro. They will only give you a one month visa in Tehran. The whole process is a nightmare and will take you at least two weeks.
I have heard of people getting a 6 month visa in Oman with no problem.

Hope this helps

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