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Information regarding cycling from Vanezuela(Ciudad Guayana) to Brazil(Manaus) via Amazon?

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Information regarding cycling from Vanezuela(Ciudad Guayana) to Brazil(Manaus) via Amazon?

I am planing to cross Amazon from Ciudad Guayana in Venezuela to Manaus in Brazil. I have no idea about what cycling condition I have to expect.

Information needed

1. Roads
2. Possibility of wild camping
3. Finding supplies, food and drink.
4. I heard there is a part just after Santa Elena at the border to Boa Vista in Brazil that cycling is not allowed. because of protected area, is that true?
5. Is this road inhibited? Any traffic on the road?
6. How about distances between towns and civilisation. Is it possible that i make it to a town every night, given I manage to cover 70-100miles?

Anyone can give me few survival tips, I much appreciate it.



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Information regarding cycling from Vanezuela(Ciudad Guayana) to


Check out Jeff Kruys blog on I don't know if he did the exact route but he's the only cyclist I've come across who has been through that area.

Best of luck

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Cuidad Guyana to Manaus

Hi Reza,
I hope I am not too late with this information. I have just completed your proposed rout from Cuidad Guyana to Boa Vista.
1) Road condition the entire way is very good. Flat smooth surface. You have a 1400 meter climb just after Kilometer 88 to the start of the Gran Sabana.
2)Its possible to wild camp in many places. Currently there is an abundance of rivers and streams.
3) I would stock up on food but the entire way you will find the odd shop/restaurant and all the small towns on the way have a supermarket. The longest stretch from Santa Elana to Boa Vista about 240 kilomters is the longest you will ride without a major town but even at the small village 100km from Santa Elena there is a small supermarket and a few restaurants.
4)No where on this stretch is cycling not permitted. All is good there.
5)The road is well travelled. You will not be alone.
6)You can definatly make it to a town every night. I think the longest stretch between towns is about 130km.

As for survival tips enjoy the adventure its a great ride and not too difficult.
Good luck.

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boa vista till manaus

as i think to do that road too, i asked to a friend how it is.
he said it all asfalt, 850km, all flat, a lot of places to sleep, gazoline stations, and you have to cross in one day the reserve, 95km.

i will tell you if i find more.

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