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Le Mont St Michel to Paris

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Le Mont St Michel to Paris

We are currently riding the french coast south toward Mont St Michel and will need to get transport from there back to Paris by road or train by September 13. We would appreciate local advice on trains with bikes, any transport service available, or anyone who may be able to give us transport.
We would be happy to pay costs if someone could help us out.

Thank You

Clive and Louise (USA and Australia)

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Hope this is some help...

I am answering as we live in the Mont St Michel region - I have looked at the SNCF (railway) website : and have found there is only one possibilty for bikes on the 13th :
16h13 PONTORSON(10kms from the Mont - easy ride : dedicated cycle track alongside river)
17h05 > 17h35 via RENNES GARE
52811 Durée : 03h47

8088 Période normale

If you are able to access the website you will see what trains take bikes by the obvious symbol. I would strongly recommend going to the station in advance - I think the bikes have to be booked anyway..

Although I have never used the service ... many people recommend ...

Bonne route!

Gerry and Janet Wells

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