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a little tour in turkey

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a little tour in turkey


a friend of mine, turkish, proposes a little tour in turkey, for middle of june, and would like mates to join with.
here is the treap, it is near Ezrurum, and Elazig

start on 15 of june from Kemaliye .
tour in the center and then Karanlik Kanyon,
(canyon noir),Tasyol,(chemin rocher)
Çemisgezek,Akçapinar (Ferry)Fatmali (ferry)
Muratçik,Pirinçci,çöteli by road Keban à Elazig,
then Harput,Meseli ( Ferry)Pertek,Tunceli,
along the river Munzur à Ovacik,gözeler and Munzur valley.
eating together .
transport till kemaliye from istanbul organized.
it looks possible to come from adana too, but by yourself.

if some one is interesting, please send a mail, in french, or in english, to
[email protected]
for further informations.
all should be dicided before 15 of may

thank's Pierre

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Dogs on the loose

this is a fun trip; but be alert:
On these routes you will come through many villages were dogs are running loose and they WILL chase you (or your bike). Either be very fast or carry stones to throw. And despite their barking, these dogs (try to) bite!
Also: the Turkish hospitality was unmatched. Be prepared to:
1. Drink a lot of tea
2. Be rude (= wave friendly but don't stop) and avoid invitations, otherwise you will never make progress/mileage.
3. Avoid the red chillies ;)


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