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Looking for partner(s) Dec - Jan /Vietnam, Laos, and more

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Looking for partner(s) Dec - Jan /Vietnam, Laos, and more


I have a return ticket to Hanoi - will arrive there in late November and fly back at the end of January. Does anyone want to meet up to share stories? And/or do part of the route together? I am willing to adapt my route for company, but here is the gerenal plan so you have an idea.

Leave Hanoi around Dec. 1st or 2nd, by night train, for Lao Cai. Start the "north western loop" there. Go to Dien Bien Phu (over 4? days). cross border into Laos, head for Luang Prabang.
Then either spend some time north of LPB first, and then south, or start heading south right away, down Highway 13. Definitely do some loops away from that highway.

Am willing to veer into Thailand, heading south along the Mekong. Will consider going to Cambodia for Angkor Wat and Pnomh Penh. Am also wiling to use public tranport to skip boring roads or to save time.

About me: am 40, female, and I usually cycle 70-100 km a day. Have cycled in Morocco,Cuba, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, and Greece so far. Will not bring my tent this time. Am considered intrepid by some :) But then that goes for most people on warmshowers!

So, who's interested?


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Thailand and other places

Hi Janneke
I am flying into Bangkok on Jan 5th. I want to ride Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam before heading into China. My destination is Beijing. I have 5 months to complete the trip.
I have been in touch with another female cyclist who is already in China and heading south.
We've spoken about meeting up maybe at Angkor Wat and riding for a while together but no definite plans as it would depend upon where she is at the time and the route she wants to take and whether it corresponds to mine.
I shall have a tent etc.
Maybe we can meet up and perhaps ride together for a while.


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Hi Andy, great to hear from

Hi Andy,

great to hear from you. Our time there overlaps by a bit more than three weeks.
What I can predict about the last 10 days of January, is that I will be in the northern half of Vietnam, probably southish of Hanoi (will have done the northern loop at the beginning of my trip). Might fit in Halong Bay. The roads between Hanoi and Halong Bay are supposed to be busy and uninteresting - if I go there, I'll probaby use public transport. More time for more pleasant cyling elsewhere.

Angkor Wat is on my wish list although I am not sure how close I will get to it. When do you think you will be there? And what would be your direction from there? Sounds like it might be similar to my direction!

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Hi Janneke I'm not sure on

Hi Janneke
I'm not sure on times and dates.
I fly into Bangkok on January 5th and will need a couple of days or so to get over jet lag.
I have been emailing another cyclist who is currently in China and heading south. We had the idea of meeting around Angkor or maybe the beach south east of Bangkok. Who knows.
I may ride through Cambodia then up through Vietnam. Into Laos and northern Thailand before China.
Or, I may ride to Cambodia, back into Thailand, then Laos, Vietnam and China.
I'm quite happy to go with the flow if there are others around that I am happy to spend time with.
I have 5 months for my trip and maybe a bit more, so no rush.
[email protected] is my normal email address if you want to contact me without going through warmshowers.
How are you getting on with warmshowers.
It is new to me and I have yet to stay with anyone but am hoping to start when I get to Bangkok.
Take care

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Let's just see how it goes,

Let's just see how it goes, then. Will send you an email, so you have my email address, too.

Re Warmshwwers - just look through the forums on hosting to get an impression. WS ain't a bad concept :).

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Laos and south

Hi Janneke
I'm crossing into N Laos tomorrow, then up Mekong and down to Luang Namtha
down south then to Vientiane maybe mid Jan, then down Mekong
to Angkor Wat
after maybe fly BKK to India and Ladakh or ?
Camping, rough, mid paced, no hurry no worry

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Hi James, I am in Muang Khua

Hi James,

I am in Muang Khua and will take a rest day there tomorrow. Then to Oudomxai, Luang Namtha, and then euther to Huay Xai or Xieng Kok. Then I would probably take a boat down the riber there, go to Pak Beng, cycle up to Oudomxai and then go on my way to Laung Prabang. Does that match what you are talking about in any way? I get the impression that you are on the northwest side right now, while I am in the north east. I entered from Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam.

Would be nice to meet you!


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More or less similar route
I'm just in Luang Namtha after trip around mekong on north edge of lao.
Leaving tomorrow for pakbeng dec 19, then to luang prabang and will most likely stay there through christmas..then down hiway 4 to ventiane for new year.
You ?

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Hi Janneke
I'm such a dope ! I finally put together who you are ! And I forgot that I go to Pakbeng also then Lunag I leave tomorrow and will be a day behind you unless you stop a day somwwhere
Send me your email agina I lost it.
jameson2wheels at gmail

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Hi everybody, I will cross to

Hi everybody,

I will cross to Laos today, from China. I am planning to stay around New year in Vang Vieng and then ride to Vietnam or Cambodgia or Thailand -- i want to ride in all those countries but I didn't decide yet which order. Anyway, I want to spend winter in SEA, then probably fly to India from Bangkok.
I am on the road since July 2011, alone woman, 45.y.o., camping, bring food and cooking, sometimes use CS or cheep hostels, 60-80 km/day. I'm looking for companions anyway.



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Hi Snezana
I plan to leave tomorrow from Luang Trantha to Luang Praban, and will be there through Christmas, then south to Vientiane for new year or vang vien maybe, but I heard it was a party town for young bckpackers so not sure if I want to.
If I hear from you today and you come to here, I will wait. I guess you are very close.
I'm staying at Adounsiri guest house.

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planning to bike to pakbeng then slow boat 1 day to luang prabang..cost I think is 110000 kip plus 30000 for bike
love to meet up with you
I camp a lot, you ?

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Yes, I also heard about

Yes, I also heard about Vangvieng but after I was booking room. But then I read it is not true. Anyway, I do not care a lot where I will spend N.y., if it is too noisy in Vangvieng I will move in Vientiane for New year.

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Am leaving Bangkok tomorrow

Am leaving Bangkok tomorrow (Monday 7th January) and probably heading west to the river Kwai and then north towards Chiang Mai. Any of you guys around these areas it would be good to meet up.
This is my first trip like this so some experienced company would be nice if only for a day or two.

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Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh

Hello folks,

I am a British cyclist currently in Australia as part of a world trip. I'm landing in Bangkok at the end of January. Planning on cycling to Ho Chi Minh via Ankor Wat. Was cycling with a friend but he had to go home. Any of you think you will be anywhere near in the next couple of months? I fly from Vietnam at the end of March.


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Cycling Thailand mid jan

Hi everyone,

I'm new to all this, but thought I'd give it a go. Im a 29 year old English teacher in South Korea, originally from South Africa. I'm flying into Bangkok on the 18th of jan and would like to cycle through Thailand. I might take the train up to Chaing Mai on the 19th and start my cycle in the north coming down to Bankok and then from Bankok to Phuket. I have to be in Phuket by the 6th of February. But my cycling schedule is pretty open if there's anyone wanting to cycle in Thailand during this time. I'm pretty flexible about routes and depending on the terrain, I can cycle around 70-100km a day. I don't have camping gear, so will be staying in cheap hostels and backpackers.

Would love to ride with companions.

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