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Looking for Riders (and tips): Black Forest to Black Sea. From end of may to begin of july 2013

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Looking for Riders (and tips): Black Forest to Black Sea. From end of may to begin of july 2013

My plan is to cycle with my touring bike from Karlsruhe to Constanta via Konstanz, Davos, Merano, Bozen, Bruneck, Hermagor, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Novi Sad, Belgrad and then follow the Danube river to Constanta.
For this trip I plan 20 days of cycling with several days for regeneration and sight seeing.

Optional is a further 6 day ride from Constanta through Bulgaria to Istanbul.

The individual stages are between 100 and 130 km on average.

I want to start at the 27th of May and be back on 6th of July.

Especially for the Balkan countries I would be happy to have a cycling partner.
Of course also partial attendance for individual episodes is welcome.

I would be glad to hearing from you.


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I only know the german part..Take the murgtal radweg into the schwarzwald, then find the obvious route down to jump out onto the donau. Follow the donau. Easy. ;)
A nice alternative is to bust out of the schwarzwald via freiburg, onto the rhein, follow it around the schwarzwald (see switzerland a bit), and then jump back north to the donau on a radweg/river whose name I forget...can find it out easily. Very lovely ride, puts you about where you would be, exiting the schwarzwald onto the donau directly. Email me if you want any details.

DO spend some extra time poking around the schwarzwald, it is gorgeous!!!

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thank you for your

thank you for your comment.
As I live next to the black forest I know it quite well and I don't want to spend extra time so close from my home, but rather further away to explore something new.
Do you have experience with the passs in the swiss alps? e.g. Flüelapass?

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Jogge, I can recommend a ride


I can recommend a ride along the Black Sea coast, Bulgarian part. Last September we did it from Durankulak to Rezovo excluding the portion between Varna and Burgas where we used the train due to health issues.
You've got a new asphalt on the road from Durankulak southwards to Varna if I recall correctly so it is quite easy to ride on it.
The portion is very beautiful, so if you decide to do it mail me and I'll give you some more details on what you might be interested in.


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Hi Mitko, thanks for your

Hi Mitko,

thanks for your message. I would really like to get more information about the route along the coast.


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Hi Jochen, after entering

Hi Jochen,

after entering Bulgaria at Durankulak you follow the main road southwards. It was paved in 2012, new asphalt, easy to ride. End of September 2012 there was a low amount of traffic only. You can sleep on the cliffs nearby Tyulenovo as we did but if I recall correctly there was a small hotel too.
At Shabla, I recomment entering it and going a bit more to the East so you are able to ride along the coast. At Bulgarevo-left and you reach in a while the fortress Kavarna, worth seeing it. Then come back to Kavarna and ride on the main road, don't try searching for the road along the coast (from Topola to Balchik) as it is poor quality and no good view.
For the portion Varna-Burgas I can't provide any particular advices based on experience but for sure depending on the season there may be heavy traffic. There are still possibilities to partially escape the main road.
Burgas-Sozopol-relatively many cars but 2 lanes for each direction. From Sozopol southwards you have only beautiful sceneries and no troubles :)
If you want to go for Turkey, leave the coast line at Tsarevo and ride on to Malko turnovo crossing the Strandja mountain.
Any questions, let me know.

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I'll be around but seem that you will move to fqst for me

i'm on me way to the himalayes, but absoluly slowly but when you get near eslovenia let me know, may we can share some kilometres

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