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Making bike maps available

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Making bike maps available

I'd really like it if your site had bike maps it. Or even just links to useful cycling websites with maps in different countries. This info is not easy to find and takes a lot of trailing though books, etc. I'd be very happy to share my acquired knowledge of getting around Belgium , as they say, it's easy if you know how.

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Making maps available

That's a great idea. I think it could be done using the forums. Why not give it a try?

Here's what I would suggest: start a new forum thread in the "Region and country specific information" forum:

You could list your links and ask others to list theirs. Maybe, after we've got a few links, we can create a page?

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for maps a lot of online scources

for bike maps a lot of on line scources
google maps go to walk and bike portion
map my ride
and lots more
so no need for this site to get into maps
plus has lots of mutiple days and weeks rides with maps posted

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map links

there could be a list of links to good map resources

here some more:

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I bought several maps from " bikeline" they are in German though, but are excellent as have hostels on them as well.

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