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Making the search for hosts more user friendly!!!

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Making the search for hosts more user friendly!!!

The site is a great resource and has helped me out numerous times. I do however find it pretty difficult at times to search through numerous new hosts to try and find one who I think will make the best match. The main issues I encounter are, that the zoom is a bit awkward, and sometimes overlap, or by the time you zoom in and can see most of the hosts in a populated area, you loose perspective. Also it is not always possibly to toggle between blue and red pins, and where it lists nearby hosts in the sidebar and mentions X number of others, it is not easy to actually see who those others are, without zooming and scrolling through the map, and causing reloading, and once again the pins need to be first selected, and then the name needs to be selected to get the profile, plus you then need to do that for each individual host you are interested in reading the profile of. For me to do this for more than 6 or 8 people is confusing and tedious. It would be great to be able to expand the map, and see the pins or a complete list of the names with a brief description of the hosts all in one place. Similair to what you get when doing a search bar keyword search. Perhaps tagging the location would be enough to make that easier, so there are not overlaps and ommissions. I am not tech savy at all, so do not know if this is something you are already aware of, and do not have the resources to fix, etc. Similarily when trying to get an overview of an area, for a complete tour, say of three or 4 nearby countries, it is hard to see where the hosts are, how many of them there, are, and what main towns they might be near. So, it ends up taking a lot longer than I would like to get all this information together, and start planning my route, and emailing people, etc.
I guess there is maybe the possiblity of completely overhauling the site, and including heaps of great features, like other people had mentioned, maybe more in depth maps, if people link or add the, gps stuff, hostels, tourist sites, etc. That would probably require more funding and a lot more work. Really as I mentioned I am not at all familair with what it takes to run a website, or create a model in which it might get the resources and continue to be maintained. So, in that sense it is more of a wishlist than a serious suggestion, though with the right approach it might all be easily possible.
For me though some improvements to the mapping or the searching capabilities would be very welcome though.
Thanks again for the great resource,
Hope that some of the improvments are easily possible,
If not still feel lucky to have the system available at all,

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Re: Making the search for hosts more user friendly

Hi Shanti,

Hopefully you are aware that there are 3 methods of locating prospective hosts: using the map, using the "List members on one page" option, and using the search function. If you need more information on any of these please see the Q/A "How do you find and request hospitality?" in the FAQ at

You are fortunate to be in the situation where you have many hosts to choose from. Perhaps using a combination of these methods may make things easier for you.


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