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Maps for the North of South America

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Maps for the North of South America

Does anyone know where I can buy maps of Venezuela, The Guyanas and Suriname in Colombia?

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I had a Nelles map that

I had a Nelles map that covered all four of these countries (see,60,112&pid=3366), but I had my sister buy it online and mail it down to me in Bolivia along with other stuff. I honestly don't think you'll find such a thing for sale in Colombia in a million years. South Americans don't believe in maps, except in Argentina, Chile and Brazil. And unfortunately I just mailed it back to my sister along with other stuff, now that I'm finished with it. Otherwise I would have mailed it down to you. You can check my site with lots of info about my route through that area, You can also check, the seldom-updated blog of a German cyclist who rode through about a month behind me, although he wound up staying for a month in one spot in Venezuela and may still be there somewhere.

Good luck in Venezuela... I cycled in every country in South America and I found Venezuelan drivers to be by far the wildest of the bunch, driving at Formula One speeds at all times even on narrow, winding country roads. And city traffic is a complete free-for-all. People outside of their cars are extremely friendly though. The Guyanas too, super friendly people, even friendlier than Colombians.

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Hi Bob,

greetings from San Agustin - you should have visited us again...
Here is some very simple maps from us of the Guyanas:
click on a country, the first "picture" will be a map with our route. There are not many roads in the Guyanas, so this maps will do. If you want to copy a Venezuela map, you have to return to San Agustin ;) - we have got one.

Enjoy you trip...
Greetings from Igel and Paola

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