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Mark members as favourites


We're organizing our 6 months trip through Uruguay, Brazil, the US and Canada. Trying to find potential hosts, it would be nice to be able to tag them so we don't loose track of which seem interesting for our trip (we're travelling with 3 kids, so it's good to check out the max capacity).

I do agree the CSV feature is handy, but well, this would be a nice little feature.

Thanks for the great platform.


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Thanks! Yes, marking

Thanks! Yes, marking favorites is an important feature that I think we'll get in there sometime. It's in


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Favorite hosts on the map

+1 for the favorites feature, Jonathan

It's been almost two years since you posted this topic, but as far as I am aware this has not been implemented yet on the website. It would really help to keep track of potential hosts for your trip, though. Even handier if the markers of your favorite hosts could get a different color on the map; just an idea.

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Agreed. Sometimes I browse

Agreed. Sometimes I browse the site trying to find "good" hosts (for me), but cannot contact them yet because I don´t want to bother them in advance, not having an idea when I will be arriving. "Favorites" would solve that, or even better, any other label that we want to give them.

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