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Mexico customs

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Mexico customs

Recently I had an accident and broke my arm and one of my brake levers. It costs only 20-30 USD (one pair) in USA but I have not seen any in Mexico. I checked mercado libre and have not seen any.

I need some help and info

- if i buy online from amazon or any online cycling website will it stuck to customs? Did anybody have an experience similar?
- do you know any major bikeshops or retailers within mexico so i could ask them

brake model is Tektro RL341 (short reach for women)

thanks a lot

elif uzer

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bike repair

Hola Elif,well I guest you are in south of mexico,maybe in San Cristobal de las Casas,,,,I guess there is some bike shops in this small town...becuase is famous for mountain biking....however the better chance to get some parts same or similar like yours is in can order trough some bike shops in the city you are....know regarding the buy in Amazone,I believe they not send any merchandise out of you have friends in USA close to the mexico border?...because you can buy in Amazone then they will ship to the border town and from there the peple go to mexico border and send from mexico side the merchindise to any part in mexico....
good luck in your trip....

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