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new forum for LBGT people

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new forum for LBGT people

I would like to see a forum for LBGT people. We are people with varied interests and it is possible that there are a few of us who would like to tour together.

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And why not?

I don't see any reason to NOT set up such a forum. Give us a little time and we'll get it set up.


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I also don't see any reason not to set up an LGBT forum.

I also don't see any reason not to set up an LGBT forum. If someone sees no need for it, they can simply ignore such a forum. I see no downside at all, only an upside.

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LGBT site

Totally agree with this. I have no problem with LGBT persons. I have had only one guest ever since i was a member. Maybe i am truly the Far East. The only one far off.

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I have mixed feelings about a

I have mixed feelings about a special forum for LGBT persons. What would be its purpose? I think that it could lead to differences in hosting. If we keep going in this direction, then we can have a forum for different categories of persons according to religious definition, diet definition and so on, what type of bicycle we ride etc...
It seems that it is divisive.
May be I don't understand something about it?
As for hosting, or being a guest, it is none of my business to know what cyclists I meet do with their intimate life.
Thank you if you can inform me.

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One thing I really love about the WS community is that it is international and despite where we are from or what we believe, the determination of self transport binds us all together! I know that we sometimes find comfort being with familiar and like minded people, but part of the adventure is being with people who have different perspectives and cultures! I have nothing against a separate LBGTQQIA, but just wonder why? As Catherine said in the previous post, would we need separate forums for religions, cultures, diets, etc?

Facebook as several bicycle touring pages such as Warmshowers Iran, Warm Showers Singapore, Bicycle Touring Pacific Coast Route US.101/Sierra Cascades Route, etc. Maybe Facebook would be a place to start a specific thread or forum.


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I agree with you for the USA and Europe

Special groups were really nice some years ago when protections and special issues were relevant.
Since then I am happy that these Ghetto needs are no more and I prefer this non-issue not being raised for exactly the reasons you mentioned.
LGBT topics can be mentioned in posts and profiles (as I did in mine) to provide additional info; but for my part, I enjoy this site being so cool and open that a special forum no longer makes sense to me.
However: I wonder about members in places with less evolved societies, they might have different needs.

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It can still be helpful and fun!

I am very very glad to hear that for many, discrimination around gender and sexuality is a "non-issue" now. Certainly wouldn't have heard that years ago. I would like to just offer, that for many it is still an issue, and not just in non-westernized (not necessarily "less evolved", eh?) societies. Specifically trans and gender variant individuals, people of color, and folks with not so much money tend to face more discrimination for gender/sexuality, even in the US and Europe! The statistics are there. What a big bummer. Rather than diminish those experiences, how about we celebrate what is getting better, and also acknowledge that for some, remaining difficulties can be greatly aided by companionship and connection? Sound Okay? Besides, an LGBTQ forum would just be fun...

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Mixed Feelings

Wholeheartedly agree with Catherine. It most certainly has the potential to be divisive. Do we really need to "box" people this way..
Warm Regards

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re LBGT forum

The sky is falling, the world will come to an end, if we have a LBGT forum. It is divisive and we sure don't want to be divided.
What nonsense!! Guy on Crazy Bike has it, I''l go there. I guess it's not needed here.

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already knew that

It is very clearly stated in religious texts, from the Anasazi to the Hopi to the Isrealites, yes, the time is now.  Abdul Baha prophesied the start of Armageddon in 1912.  Before the United States Congress, he stated, "the powderkeg in Europe will ignite in two years".  1914 was the start of Armageddon, the thermonuclear cleansing (we Hopi call it the "great purification")  can't come soon enough.  South of the equator is much safer.  We are planning a tour from the tip of Brazil north.





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can i ride, also?

I am non-binary.  So you can talk about and post photos of your crotch all day, if there is discrimination, I assure you that my attorney and I will root it out.


:)  better call Saul

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Interest tags

On a similar website, my profile can have interest tags: Baseball, Football, LGBT, etc. 

People can search for other profiles with tags matching theirs.

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LGBT forum

Yes please

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