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Parking a car in Turku, Finland

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Parking a car in Turku, Finland

Dear Warm Showers members,

I'll be visiting the Turku area in August! :) Me and my boyfriend are planning a bike tour in the Aland Islands, but first we want to visit Turku and find a safe place for leaving our car for about a week. Can any of you help with providing the info about car parks? Maybe we can leave it close the ferry to the Islands? How expensive would that be? Or alternatively, would the car be safe if we just park it somewhere on the street?

Thanks for any tips and advice that you can give us :)


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Parking near Turku harbour


Parking near the harbour costs 7eur/day, max 2 weeks. Here is a map:

I think there should be free parking in the west end of Puutarhakatu, but I have not been there for a couple of years. You could also try north of the harbour, in Iso-Heikkilä area (maybe Kanslerintie), if you can spare a 2km bike ride. In that area a long term parked car would not stand out as much as it has more residential buildings, there have been some break-ins near the harbour.

I hope you also know that there are options to travel between Åland islands and mainland using smaller ferry connections between the islands, you don't need to take the big ferry to Mariehamn both ways. Basically, there is the northern route through Enklinge, Kumlinge, Lappo and Brändö to Kustavi(Osnäs) on the mainland, and southern route through Kökar to Korppoo (Galtby), which is on the archipelago ring route, with ferry connections to e.g. Parainen.
Here is a time table, only in Swedish:

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