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Questions and ideas - first actually long tour

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Questions and ideas - first actually long tour

I just heard about this site through a friend on couchsurfing...and it looks amazing. I have a three month leave-of-absence from my job to go on my first epic bike ride. I've done several overnight trips, and semi-regular 40-50 mile day trips, so I think I'm physically prepared. I'm looking for some information and ideas.

First, my route. My plan is to bike Ireland, then parts of Spain, France, Germany...and possibly Italy. Are there specific routes people would recommend?

Second, company. Anybody looking to ride with me?

Third, bike. I'm not decided about where I should get a bike. Would it be better to find something good in the states and fly it over to Ireland or are there good shops in/around Dublin that you'd recommend?

Finally - anybody have just general hints?



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Hi I am wanting to do the

Hi I am wanting to do the same thing next summer so also looking for the same answers. I have a friend in Amsterdam who was willing to ride with me for 3 weeks and then off on my own for the summer. I am not sure what kind of bike or where to get one or bike routes etc. Giving myself some time to research so will be interested in what other people are saying.

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2003 FRANCE Clovis - First Merovingian King of France

2004 GERMANY Hermann - Germanic warrior in 9 AD

2005 SPAIN Dulcinea - The kitchen wench in Don Quixote

2006 SPAIN Peregrino - A pilgrim


I can't go with you. Try the Camino de Santiago if you want to do France and Spain. Ultreya.

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I'll second that Camino de

I'll second that Camino de Santiago suggestion.

Aim for the south of France, Oloron St Marie to be precise. Go to the tourist office and get your credentials card - (to be stamped every night on your camino), then head over the Pyrennees through Borce to Jaca in Spain. Turn west and keep going until Santiago.

Quote "UNESCO has now designated the entire route as a World Heritage Site, with 69 monuments along the route being listed as important."

Oloron St Marie




Bon Camino!

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For ideas on long routes

For ideas on long routes around Europe, have a look around here:

At the same time, don't worry about specific routes too much. You will have fun and adventrues wherever you go. And having your bike with you measn you are about as flexible an anyone could possibly be. So you have the freedom to change it on whims. It doesn't get much better than that, IMHO.

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Hey David,
I have a friend who has hiked the Camino twice - and has talked about they cyclists too - so this would be an awesome thing to do.
Good luck and have fun - I will be watching for your posts about your decision.

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