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QZ-Cycling-Short trip !!! Brisbane - Byron Bay

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QZ-Cycling-Short trip !!! Brisbane - Byron Bay


my girlfriend Kate and me are about to go on a 2- or 3-days trip from Brisbane to Byron Bay in January and are wondering, if there is anybody here, who has some experiences regarding this route?

I have been traveling by bike a couple of times including Southeastasia and parts of Australia so I am not scared about the distance or something. But maybe there is someone, who has done the specific route before and can give a few advices about campsites, hostels, lookouts etc... to us.

It would be great to hear from someone.

Merry merry Christmas,


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Brisbane to Byron Bay

Hi Slotti,

You can get on the bikeway at Southbank which will take you south of Mt Gravatt. I have posted the route south from there on You can search on "DIVA" and the map and instructions will be displayed. You will be cycling it in reverse, of course.

There are significant roadworks on Sexton Hill, at South Tweed, at the moment. It is passable, but you will need to be cautious.

Call 0438 770 589 if you need more advice or an escort through.

Happy cycling from Linda

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He Linda,

thanks for your help :-) Great, so if we need some advices or something we will buzz you.

Where about are you? Even we have already figured out a place where we can stay in Burleigh Heads it would be great to know another option for the case we wont make it till Byron in two days.

Just get back to me by mail if you want to.

Thanks again.

Cheers from Melbourne,


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