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Remembering who has stayed!

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Remembering who has stayed!

My latest warmshowers guest asked me how many people I have hosted since joining, and I realized that I don't know any longer... there have been too many!

Would it be possible to have some kind of a simple "who have you hosted/stayed with?" feature on warmshowers? That would also mean that people who have hosted/travelled quite a bit, but never had people write recommendations, would not look like newbies!

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remembering who stayed

this is my 3 rd year hosting and have hosted 25 riders so far, 11 of them this year.
i started a guest book which i have them sign and I try to get a pic to put in the book too.
I guess i do not see the need to have this website keep track of my guests for me.
It is fun to curl up on the sofa and read through the comments that have piled up.

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