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Ride through Wisconsin's Door Peninsula

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Ride through Wisconsin's Door Peninsula

Myself and two friends are planning a loop trip from Manitowac up through the Door peninsula to Washington Island and back this summer. Does anyone know what the terrain in that area of Wisconsin is like and what roads are bike friendly? I have never been there. I am from Michigan and want to explore another state, pretty much ridden everywhere here. Thanks, Kim

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Door county

Go to Google Maps and enter Manitowoc, WI then request directions to "Washington Island Ferry Line, northport" When you change your transportation style to bicycle, Google will map out a 119 mile route which includes the Anhapee State Park Trail. Just by looking at the right angle roads, I'd have to say Door county isn't very vertically challenged. You can change your view to "Terrain" for clarification. You can drop your street view "man" (top of zoom tool) anywhere along the route for actual photos of your routing.

You've chosen a destination I want to explore also so thank you for reminding me of the opportunity!

Ray Foss
Lisbon, CT

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Door County

Thanks for the post. I will check out google maps. I was hoping to communicate with people that live in the area for information. Also, if you ever want to ride in Michigan, let me know, it's a great bicycle touring state! Kim

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