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round the globe on bicyle

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round the globe on bicyle

Dear riders

I am Mr. Muntasir Mamun Imran, 25 years old electrical engineer living & working in Dhaka capital city of Bangladesh.

We few young enthusiastic personals getting prepared for a World tour on bicycle. We would devote our efforts towards an AIDS awareness campaign titled "Stop Aids, Keep the promise" as a part of our contribution along with the international AIDS campaign. This is a global campaign against massive epidemic of AIDS around the globe.

We will try hard to bring out the best through our campaign against AIDS. Our prime target would be covering as many countries as possible of 6 different continents.

We will start from Thailand from the month of May 2008. And we will ride across Thailand to Malaysia then will fly to Argentina.

In this regards would like to seek help from you regarding the route from Bangkok to somewhere Malaysia. And I would really thankful if anyone can suggest places where we can accommodate ourselves in real budget. Especially any place for camp (on the way to Bangkok to Malaysia)

So you are welcome to participate and please extend your support for this year long venture.

For more about the trip please visit

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Muntasir Mamun Imran
Round the Globe Campaign for AIDS on Bi-Cycle
Together We Are . net