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Route suggestions across the Germany, from north to south

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Route suggestions across the Germany, from north to south

I am planning a trip from Finland to Switzerland. I may arrive through Sweden and Denmark or over the Baltic sea by ferry. I have some friends I would like to visit in Hamburg and Krefeld near the Dutch border. So would following the Rhein be an option. Or would you advise not to head to western part of the country? I am open to any route, mainly looking for small roads and nice landscapes, so it does not have to be the shortest or fastest route.

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The Rhine


The route along the Rhine or German Rhein is recommended. Just avoid it on Sundays and Holidays as then there are lots of foot passengers and too much traffic anyway. At Heidelberg I would take the route along the Neckar which would bring you into the Black Forest which is very nice. Then you could go for the Rhine again (or perhaps you've stayed with the Rhine all along ;-)).

If you come to The Netherlands please visit me in Eindhoven.

I did that route a couple of times and it's relaxed and fast, too.

Good luck,


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finland to germany

we cycled last summer from Finland....ferry to Talin...and cycled through Estonia, Latvia, Poland..into east Germany to Berlin.....continued from there on the elbe...but thats not the direction you want to go.......was a great ride with lots of camping much time do you have?

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Route suggestions across the Germany, from north to south

Hi, check this out:

You will find a lot of info here. Great place for cycling, plenty of paths and good B&B's, look for "Bett und Bike" approved hotels, they always have parking and good food for a fair price

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Thanks for your advises. I thought I would spend about one month on bike, but even more time should be available if needed. I will have place to stay in Zürich, and might do some more touring or day trips in Switzerland.

I would like to reserve plenty of time for visiting interesting spots, and doing some time consuming photography, and meeting the people as well.

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