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Safety of Backpacking in America.

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Safety of Backpacking in America.

I have really been pndering traveling around the country by foot. I have enough for food, but I would be taking a tent for room and board.

Does anyone know a bit about how safe this would be? I have extreme interest in taking on this dream, but I really don't want ot get mauled in the process.


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Dangers exaggerated

American violence may be real in some urban sections, but it's vastly exaggerated in media and entertainment. I live in the US and have no concerns about safety anywhere I go, whether around my area or camping on trips. What might be more of a problem is finding approval to camp in lots of places. Actual commercial or public campgrounds are not that numerous and also tend to be surprisingly expensive. Camping in non-designated places might be tricky.

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which part of the country?

I think the folks who say they always feel safe are ridiculous. I realized i was never safe and always pray a lot and are really careful. I wouldnt do it altho years ago i hitchhiked all over ny state and california and miami and upstate especially. Carry a gas can prominently and you will get more friendly rides but pick your route carefully and hopefully get a companion for at least part of the way. I dont walk at all around my general neighborhood, i use the community center, its generally acknowledged not to be at all safe. (nw florida area) But camping in my yard would be more or less safe. I dont think it would be any more or less safe than biking, you can escape dogs or crazies better on a bike but the homeless in the woods are attracted to stealing the bike more, either way, if God is for you , who can be against you? I will so pray for you.

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Hi, I live right next to the Smoky Mountains. The Appalachian Trail is very close, goes right through the park. There are certain places on the trail where there are enclosures set up to keep you safe at night. It is a wild park...there are wild animals i.e. wolves, coyotes, bears, wild cats etc. Most people around here know that people come from all around to bike, hike and backpack. Most people are friendly and will not bother you at all. You will find violence just about anywhere you go in the world, just don't go looking for it. You just have to be careful and know how to handle yourself.

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I ran into some video logs by

I ran into some video logs by on youtube. He is walking most of the way across America to try to get onto the TV show. I don't know how much this will relate to what you might want to do but it might be of interest.

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