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Seattle to Missoula, Mt bike route

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Seattle to Missoula, Mt bike route

Hi There,

Me and my friend is coming to Seattle to start a cross country ride on a tandem. our last destination will be DC. We are planning to stay 2-3 days in seattle then to start. We have maps of ACA transame trail but our primary objective is ride from Seattle to missoula mt, for this section, we dont have any map and no idea where we can camp. If you know or suggest anything, that will be very helpful.

Here is our tour website


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Seattle to Missoula

The Northern Tier route should take you there! I am in Republic WA just a few days from the start at Anacortes WA, Looking forward to hearing from you!


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really beautiful journey, I

really beautiful journey, I wud recommend either the North Cascade or South Cascade Highway then across deserts of Eastern WA into Spokane and thru beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
I did the trip back in mid 90d and stayeyed with friendly people I met along the way, cheap State Park campsites, in my bivvy bag camped behind a rock or tree and the occasional backpackers hostel.
I don't know how things are in USA now since 9/11 but for me I wud turn up in a small town or village , find the local diner or convenience store and just chat to people in my cute english accent until someone invited me home.
Follow your own instinct as who to trust.I never had any problems,met many kind people.
Dont be afraid to ask kind looking people for a safe place to put your tent for one night and maybe some water.Most people wont feel threatened by a tired looking cyclist. Hopefully things are still the same in Western States.
And don't forget a piss bottle for the tent.32 oz Gatorade works really well ;-)
good luck and keep cycling,
best wishes,
Jim Fullwood.

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