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Silk Road Visa information

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Silk Road Visa information

Hi all cyclists and bike nerds,

We are currently travelling the Silk Roads and are doing some visa applications on the road for the next part of our journey.

We have utilised many peoples websites and even this forum to help us in our quest for stamps:).

We have written detailed information on our website about our research and experiences also relevant links to embassies and forms.

We hope this can be helpful.
It is in the visa information section and has been updated on the 15th of July 2011 we will try to keep this updated as soon as we get our Chinese visa.

Julien and Michelle
Paris to South East Asia by human power.

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hello Julien and Michelle

i would like to cyclie in china too
can u tell me more about your plan?
when and where?
my email: [email protected]



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