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Skopje-Struga Tour [Macedonia]

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Skopje-Struga Tour [Macedonia]

Hello everyone!

This is my first message in forum. If i am doing a mistake, please warn me :D

I'm a amateur cyclist from Turkey. Frankly speaking, I made several tours long about 150 to 600kms both in multidays and singleday, but i still feel amateur :)

Next month (September or October), i am planning to ride from Skopje to Struga. According to conditions, tour can be extended but at first sight the plan is to ride up to Struga.

This is gonna be my first abroad travel as well as first abroad cycling tour, and i need to know some basic rules for international cycling tours.

First of all, to carry my bike, i will use airways. What should i know about airplane carrying? Is there any tricks to pay less or carry my bike safer?

Is there anyone experienced this route before? If any, your notes regarding route and country will be highly appreciated.

And additional notes please:D

Awaiting your help...