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Solved: Cycle maps south norway & west swedish coast area

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Solved: Cycle maps south norway & west swedish coast area


We are planning a trip round Denmark, Norway & Sweden (roughly round Skaggerak)

Although Cycle routes are very well indicated and we will have a GPS, we always like to have a good paper (cycling) map. We have them for Denmark, but we have trouble finding them for Norway and Sweden. The norwegian SLF online shop doesn't have any maps or only broken links (Syklistenes landsforenings), and for Sweden we haven't found anything yet.

Any suggestions?

Oh, we will be looking for hosts on our way (though we have already downloaded the lists of all hosts accepting +4 guests as we are 2 with 3 kids aged 3,5 & 7).

We will be blogging on



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A non-registered cyclist saw

A non-registered cyclist saw my post and kindly sent me this message:

"Saw your question about maps for the Swedish west coast area at
Since I\'m not registered at I cannot answer at their homepage but here\'s a link to bicycle maps for Sweden Map no 20, 17, 12, 6 & 3 will pretty musch cover your planned journey through Sweden. You may shop them online if you go to KÖPINFO (Info on buying)and click on either of the links under \"Handla på webben\"."

Thank you very much to him or her.
I thought i would post it here so other cyclists get the info.


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Cycle maps Norway

I have found this guide which looks pretty good

So, that's solved


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