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Spam Filters

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Spam Filters

Hi folks.

Just a note to say that people should communicate in ways that get past spam filters. I'm staying with someone I don't have contact information for, outside of their email address. They've admitted their system hides my messages, which creates more problems than it solves by contacting them in the first place. More than half of the people I have contacted haven't replied to me.

Make a rule to allow all messages that have [] in the subject. Also, continue to communicate using that rule, or using the same in the entire message. That way emails get through.

Oh, and please people, read your emails on a regular basis. Not reading things for a week is only going to create problems. At a week, it's easier to send something in the mail.

Ray: It might be useful to include some kind of alert about this in the automated emails that are sent out. Your call.