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Sri Lanka Full Circle

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Sri Lanka Full Circle


I am planning for a full circle bike ride starting from Colombo this November. any one can provide me any advice on camping and food safety along the road? Or best route?


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Sri Lanka

We did SL a couple of years ago in December.
Although we took our tent never had to use it as there always were cheap and friendly hotels.
The center has a lot of scenic spots too as opposed to the coast

For a few ideas and good hotels with prices check this out


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Enroute to Sri Lanka

Hi Muntasir, I too am planning a circumnavigation of sri lanka starting colombo 9 th Jan. Are you on the road yet and are you going clockwise or anti. I like wild camping as an option to, what are your thoughts and experiences so far. I will be planning on 2-3 months, how long will you travelling. Please pass on any other useful advice you feel worthy. Regards Adrian

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