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Still looking for tour buddy

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Still looking for tour buddy

My name is Nick and I am 63 and looking to go on a tour soon. I live in El Cajon, Ca. I have the month of January off because it is winter break. I am thinking of the copper canyon or south to Cabo.

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well Me and a copple of

well Me and a copple of friens we are cycling down to cabo... You are more then wellcome to come with us ... Departure is january 8 this comming month... You can contact me direct att... [email protected]...
I live in mexico south of rosarito

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buddy to ride

Hola Nick...well copper canyon in Winter its not a good idea for least if you love almost frozen rides.....but check better the weather for yourself,and about Baja yeah its better weather,but still in some deserts areas the weather is real check other ciclists for tips in that season.
God trip

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