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Storage of Bike Boxes in Zurich

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Storage of Bike Boxes in Zurich

We are a family of 4 touring Switzerland in August(20)-Sep(20) and we are looking a place to store our 4 bike boxes for the duration of our tour. We start and end the tour in Zurich. Any suggestions appreciated or any Warmshowers host with some space for the 4 folded boxes valued. Rgs, Owen.

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Storage of Bike Boxes

Hello Sue and Owen
We live in Winterthur, about 20 km north of Zurich Airport.
If this is not too far away from Zurich, you could leave the 4 bike boxes in our cellar.
Please write, if you are interested or need further information.
Good luck and kind regards
Rosa Maria & Reto

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Bike Box Storage

Hi Rosa Maria and Reto,
I am sorry. I only realised today that I needed t0o log on to Warmshowers to see responses to my request for help. Thank you for offering your basement as storage. We will conside this option, but are likely to just dump boxes as we did not realise we had had an offer from you. I will contact you befor we lrve if we decide to take up your very kind offer.
Thanks again.

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