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Summer 2013: From Poland to UK looking for riders ;)

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Summer 2013: From Poland to UK looking for riders ;)


In summer 2013 I'm planning a tour from Poland to UK, and I looking some people who want to join with me.
I'm a beginner cyclist so I think we can ride 200 km or less per day, but it depends on you ;)
For more information please send me @ on: [email protected]



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tour of Europe

Hello cycling friends,

I have inquired about bicycle tours in either Poland or Russia, anyplace where I can see countryside and ordinary people more than museums, palaces and cathedrals. I found one web site of a man in Poland who lead a loop tour of Poland in 2009 for several English speaking people. I told him I was interested if he decides to lead a similar tour next year, but I'm open to other possibilities like your route, Mateusz, as well. I speak no other language except a little Spanish. I am experienced traveling in USA but not in other countries. I would expect to ride only 100-125 km on average for a long tour, with no more than 300 km every 2 days.

Here is the info for the Poland bike tour
Please contact me again Mateusz if / as your plan progresses.


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