Tips for cycle trip Amsterdam to Copenhagen

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Tips for cycle trip Amsterdam to Copenhagen

Hi Folks,
I'm planing a cycling trip from Amsterdam to Copenhagen in early July. Having never cycled in this part of Europe,
I have yet to chose a route between the two cities. I'm looking for a route that is scenic but not too arduous and lengthly. I've set aside a week to complete the trip between the two cities.
Any suggestions/tips/advice are most welcome. I leave for Amsterdam on the 28th of June.
Please email me @

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There is the North Sea Route,

There is the North Sea Route, Eurovelo 1. You can use it for most of that trip.Have a look here:

and on Wikipedia

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to Copenhagen

Hi Joseph,

I intend to do the same, starting from Breda. I follow a long-distance route in Holland, called the NAP-route and later the north sea cycle route and a local route in denmark. From Amsterdam, the LF1 North sea route is better indeed, and it's a very nice one. You can also use:
fietsrouteplanner europa
it's in dutch, but if you experiment, you'll find your way. You can also indicate if you want to follow an existing (mapped) route or not, if not, the planner chooses the shortest way for you, looking for quiet roads.

for holland the following is even more detailled:

and you'll find lots of links if you google cycle routes with the name of the country. Denmark has a lot of local routes too.
I don't know your daily distances, but a week may be a bit tight. But you can take a train easily if you want to.

Good luck!


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North Sea Route


I'm leaving the 30th of June for a cycling trip along the North Sea Route, from Conflans Sainte Honorine (my hometown in France, near Paris) to Oslo. I am planning to arrive in Oslo between the 23th and the 28th of July, depending on my shape, the weather, etc.
My route : Paris / Dunkerque / Coast of Belgium - Netherlands - Germany / Coast of Denmark / Copenhague / Helsingor / Helsinborg / Goteborg / Oslo.

My route is visible on this link :

Maybe we shall meet we on the road, or can be exchanged our impressions !



hugues arobase dusautoy@free.Fr

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amsterdam to copenhague

Me and my wife are planning to go from Amsterdam to Copenhague in August 2014. We also would like to visit Berlin but maybe do so on train after arriving to Copenhague. We are looking for an scenic route that would have places to rest (ideally couchsurf or WarmShowers host) and certainly not too rough.
We are also glad to hear from your suggestions.



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A nice planner with

A nice planner with bikeroutes, primitive camping etc. in Denmark. Pasted from another post I made about it with translations, as its only in Danish atm:

"For visitors to Denmark theres an interactive map where you can see lots of stuff such as free shelters and much more... unfortunately theres not an english or german version yet, so heres a fast translation of the main points in the green drop down menu. In the submenu theres icons that should help a bit.

Nature routes (car, bike, hiking etc.)
Facilities (water, toilets etc.)
Places to spend the night (Campsites for booking (usually free), primitive campsites such as shelters, free areas (state forests and parks I guess) to put up a tent.)
Things to see (nature, history, national parks)
Bathing and fishing (think u need a license to fish tho)
Sailing (harbours, kayak routes, canoe stuff)
Calendar of events.... you can input desired daterange.

As for the primitive campsites there might be a nominal fee... but some (think 720) are free shelters. "

Theres also one called Cyclistic:

And finally if you want to go to Berlin I can heartily recommend the Copenhagen-Berlin bikeroute. Done it twice and will follow it again this year. Took 3 1/2 days from Gedser, but we were on fast tourer carbon recumbents. :)

Sadly I won't be home and able to offer you a place to crash as I'll be touring the next two years if all goes to plan.

Best wishes for a good trip.

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The Dutch part:

In the Netherlands it is easy to plan your route. You do not even need a map! Check this out:

Make a detailed plan by writing down the order of the numbers you want to go to or just make a rough plan since there are a lot of maps along the road at crossings. There you can verify where you are and decide on the next few numbers you want to go to... All you need to do is follow the number signs and those will bring you to nice places using quite tracks.

Personally I would not follow the LF-routes. From Amsterdam I would go south-east. Stay just north of Amersfoort and then go north-east through one of the best parts of the Netherlands. Cross the river at Zwolle. Head north direction Steenwijk through the lake district. Go north-east staying west of Assen. Then either go to Groningen city or east to the German border.

Alternatively you follow a slightly southern route. From Amsterdam you still go south-east, but now you stay south of Amersfoort. Go east staying just north of Arnhem (another really nice area). Then you continue your way north-east towards the German border. Many many tracks to choose...


Regards, Martin

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