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Toronto to Montreal - any suggestions?

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Toronto to Montreal - any suggestions?

Hi there, I plan to cycle from Toronto to Montreal in mid to late July 2011. Has anoyone done this trip? And can you offer any suggestions? What are the best roads? Any warnings?
I plan to do this in 6-7 days. Visit some friends for a few days. Then take the train back.
I'd love to hear back from anyone who is interested and / or has suggestions from previous experience. :)

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Nosotros estaremos por ahí!

Hola Maria-elena.
Somos una pareja de Barcelona y tenemos previsto hacer la ruta al revés: de Montreal a Toronto por el norte via "Le petit tren du nord" hasta Grand-remous y bajando por Ottawa y el waterfront trail. Seguiremos básicamente la Transcanada Trail.
Esto será aprox. del 26 de Julio hasta el 5 de Agosto.
A ver si coincidimos en alguna carretera!

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Hola Xavi; Muchas gracias por

Hola Xavi;
Muchas gracias por la invitacion. No estoy segura todavia si ire a Montreal en ese tiempo. Te puedo mandar te un e mail mas cerca a esa semana. Parace buena la idea. :)


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Did you do it? I'm going to

Did you do it?
I'm going to go in the next few days and am wondering if you had any tips?
If you haven't left want to leave on saturday? :P

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Hey there;
No I did not do the trip. I was warned about the highway insecurity and did not really gather a group to go with.
Good luck if you end up doing it.
thanks for the invite anyway; too short a notice :)


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