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Touring bıcycle shop ın Istanbul?

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Touring bıcycle shop ın Istanbul?

Hello, we were hopıng to buy tourıng bıcycles ın Istanbul. Can anyone recommend a store sellıng qualıty tourıng bıcycles ( Dawes, Trek or sımılar) or wıll we have to look further west? Many thanks ın advance,
Wıll and Carrıe

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some bikeshops in istanbul
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Great thank you very much!

Great thank you very much!

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touring store

hello. i was just in istanbul and went to Kadikoy across in a ferry to a bike shop called Delta bikes and is right across from the Stadium *ferribacci.... they don't have touring bikes per say, but they have good bike and a lot of stuff....
it is easy to find.

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Touring bıcycle shop ın Istanbul?

Hi there

I know this thread is pretty old but in case anybody else is looking for information on Istanbul bike shops here is a link to a blog post I put together about a few of the different stores that I visited in September 2010.


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A shop where you should NOT go ...

In Istanbul, I had a problem with my bike and I went to Pedal Sportif shop.

I have a very bad experience with this shop.

I left him my wheel with precise requirements for the job.

When I came back to get my wheel back, he told me that he could not do anything but that he did some checks and greasing and that my wheel would go on at least 5000km (which is not that much for an XT hub)

Any way, after only 3000km, my wheel failed completely, not possible to turn anymore. So I checked by myself, and I discovered that it was not the original parts anymore. Shimano XT caged caged ball bearings and seal had been replaced by crap (loose balls and low quality seal). And the crap components were already completely worn out, after 3000km.
I contacted this shop to have more information and he finally admitted that he had changed some parts, telling me it was worn out. But I had no problem with these parts and even though he should have told me what he has done and what quality I was expecting as a replacement ...

So I asked for replacement of the parts under warranty as his job created me big problems.
He never even tried to help me. The only thing he repeated in his emails was that I should send him 200$ and then he would ship me the new parts. This is not exactly warranty neither help ...

So this shop, and more precisely the owner Bulent Birson, did not do what I asked for, he replaced some parts without telling me, he replaced high quality parts with crap (stealing?) and finally he never did anything to repair his bad job.

Don't go there.

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Touring bicycle shop ın Istanbul

Yes, there is a touring bicycle shop in Istanbul, the one and the only in Turkey. : )

Bisiklet Gezgini offers touring bicycles (KOGA, Santos, idworx, VSF) with Rohloff speedhub and Gates belt drive, Ortlieb panniers, biking and camping equipment, maps of all over the world, books, multifunctional clothing, tents, matrasses etc.

See you,

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