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Visa on Arrival for Pakistan coming from China 2012?

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Visa on Arrival for Pakistan coming from China 2012?

Hello everybody! We are currently in Tehran struggling with the visa marathon for Central Asia. We want to cycle the Karakorum Highway from China to Pakistan and than further to India. I have heared that they stopped giving Visa on Arrival in Sost (Pakistan) last fall. But how about this year? Does anybody know? The border should be open since May. Because I heared that in Tehran or anywhere else they'll ask us to get the visa in our home countries (Mexico and Germany) which are a little far ...
Thanks so much for answers :-)
Annika and Roberto

PS: Here is our blog for those who want to read about our travels:

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So what happened?

Hi Annika and Roberto

Saw your post and was interested as we're in Korla now and heading towards Kashgar and the KKH hwy so thought we'd take a peek at your blog but it seems you changed route and from Kashgar leapfrogged over to Xia'an and Chengdu.

Do you mind us asking why as your blog doesn't seem to say anything about it.

If you're still headed to India maybe we'll meet there as that's where we're headed after Pakistan.

Have fun!

Stani & Richard
The Velomads

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Hello Stani & Richard

Hello Stani & Richard,
yes we would have had to get our visas back from our home countries. Since we did not want to fly into India or send our passports home or fly home ourselves we decided to change plans and get to know more of China instead. Was a wonderful time there as well. Here you can see how we worked things out with the visa in Tehran.

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Sorry to take a while to respond Annika - have been enjoying the glorious mountains of Pakistan too much to hang out in internet cafes. Just arrived in sweltering Islamabad today so decided we could treat ourselves to some air con!

Probably of no interest to you any more but just in case anyone else wants to know, we can confirm that there is definitely no VOA for Pakistan any more.

Hope China is being good to you.

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Pakistan Visa

BTW, in case you change your minds and decide you'd like to come to Pakistan (which we'd HIGHLY recommend!) we got our visas in Hong Kong with absolutely no problem (Jan 2013)

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